Real Flowers vs Paper Flowers

Can You Guess Which Flowers are Real and Which Are Paper?

Life imitates art and paper imitates flowers! About half of these photos are paper replicas of the real thing – the other half are genuine flower photos. Can you tell the difference? (answers at the end) Don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know how well you did!

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Festoon Your Tree With Flowers This Christmas

Every year you do the same thing, decorating your Christmas tree with coloured tinsel and fine glass baubles. And it’s beautiful, that’s for sure. But beautiful things can always be beautifuler – ok, that’s not a real word. But this creative decorating idea is the real deal. Be the envy of all your neighbours and family this year with a fresh spruce covered in bedazzling blooms.

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Summer Collection Launch 2017 | “Queenstown”

Google “wild lupins New Zealand” and you will find endless stunning images of these stunning blooms growing along Lake Tekapo, halfway between Christchurch and Queenstown. Bearing a strong resemblance to Delphiniums, these tall purple and pink flowers strongly resemble Delphiniums and they frame the main road to Queenstown and crawl all the way up the shoreline and sit just below the mountains in the distance.

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Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles That Are Trending in 2017

We understand the challenge. You want your hairstyle be trending and at the same time, be timeless and classic. From classic up-dos, brides and pretty bobs, here we’ve put together a collection of the best wedding hairstyles in 2017. And we’ve even included some cute hairstyles for your flower girls! Enjoy!

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Floral Cake

Floral Cakes For Flower Lovers

The vibrant floral toppings on these cakes have our mouths watering. They are made of butter, powdered sugar, food colouring, and sometimes some additional flavouring as well, all of which give them that velvet-smooth texture. Buttercream flower cakes are simultaneously beautiful and delicious!

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Wedding Flower Arch

30 Inspired Wedding Flower Arches

Stand under the setting on your perfect day with one of these stunning wedding arch ideas. From rustic rich red backdrops to pretty pink Peonies, there’s something for everyone.

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November Blooms to Make You Swoon

These gorgeous varieties are all just coming into season. We particularly love striking the blue Delphinium, soft pink Dogwood and of course Peonies! Although it can be difficult to find at the market, whenever we can source Dogwood we love using it in our “London” collection to give it additional height, especially when it is delivered in a tall vase.

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Meet our latest design, “Fiji”

The name of our new floral design, which we call “Fiji”, was inspired those gorgeous sky blue waters and pure white sands. But that’s only half the story. Two weeks ago we received an order for a bespoke arrangement featuring just-in-season Delphiniums. Alba, one of our senior designers, put together this exact arrangement which was to be delivered to the Epworth Freemasons hospital in East Melbourne. It was at the Epworth that this story really began.

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10 Non-Floral Centerpieces

Weddings are expensive, there’s no denying that. By the time you’ve paid for all the high-priced items, you still have to pay the photographer and other miscellaneous items and you’ve already flipped the couch cushions for spare change. Have we mentioned you still don’t have any table decor? No worries! We found a quick fix to nix an expensive item on your to-do list & your guests will love it.

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