About Us

I grew up amongst the flowers…

My earliest memories are bedtime stories with my little sisters, our parents inventing all sorts of tales about the activities happening amongst the blooms in the backyard as we nodded off to sleep…
There were pixies under the rose blooms, fairies making homes amongst the vines and wizards reigning the wild fig trees that would grow.

These bedtime stories filled our dreams with colour and wonder. During the day, these same stories and dreams would fill our playtime with imagination and adventure. My younger sisters and the neighbours, would gather around the rose blooms, peer up the vines and sit around the fig tree as we retold the tales of the night before. We were keen to catch a glimpse of these characters.

A lot has changed since those days of wonder in the garden; but one thing remains the same, the thrill of being amongst the flowers.

I invite you to join me, in amongst the flowers. You can even follow us on our adventures creating beautiful blooms on social media. And most importantly, we invite you to share our garden. Choose from our hand picked collection of blooms into your homes.

Enjoy a piece of our garden in your home.

Kellie xx